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of cure. the country has struggled with that concept during the healthcare debate and we're struggling with it again today. but the payoff is worth the fight. and now is the time to take action. and to finally create a national energy policy which i think we should call our new manhattan project. at a minimum, it would do a national energy policy would do four things. first, it would create demand for renewable energy. we could start by deciding to get 25% of our energy from renewable resources by 2025. then ratchet it up from there. second, a national energy policy would make key investments in research and technology and in this antiquated energy infrastructure with things like smart grid technology to transport renewable energy. third, an energy policy has to be conservative. to save energy, to conserve, to find ways to use it efficiently and sparingly. and finally a national energy policy would enlist private businesses to manufacture the products that create and generate renewable energy. things li
and the first responders whether they be firemen or health-care workers, law enforcement, they are local people employed by local governments. is no replacement for local or state officials, and in florida we have some tremendous responses by both sides in all of these areas, but there is also a very special role for the federal government, and when we sigh in new york the subway system, the element of infrastructure that will be required to be built the financing that will be required. the federal government no doubt will have to play an important role. also the logistics of moving huge amounts of food and equipment that is needed oftentimes the federal government can be a partner with the local officials. governor christie talked about the role of the us army of engineers. and again, this is a rue neek role of the government. >> jennifer: well, it will be very interesting to see. i strongly believe the momentum is in the president's favor in florida. glad you are confirming that. thank you so much for joining manager inside of "the war room." >> joy: up next he
healthcare, now he's against it. this is the one guy, i mean when they said that thing about the etch-a-sketch move boy, have we seen that. have you seen such a radical departure to the middle. he runs to the far right, then the middle, and he tries to recreate himself every moment. but the american people are smart, and we do not have amnesia. >> eliot: i hope people pick up on it and say we can't vote for a president who is lacking in core values and is not tethered at all to core principles. but the editorials endorsing mitt romney say he's showing the flexibility that he needs to negotiate. there is a difference between flexibility and complete absence of value structure. this is what troubles me, that many are falling for it. >> all politics are local. you look at an editorial like the "des moines register," and i don't want to impugn anybody's integrity, but i'll only say this. it has gotten him a lot of attention. sometimes it's not about right or wrong but sensation. now of course those folks will have to be, you know, they'll have to account for their own consciences after so
requirement. the good news under president obama's healthcare program we would save that $72 million. we would note give it in fraudulent claims. the american taxpayers saves half a billion dollars. mark leader do not like that. they want it to go from the american taxpayer and straight into their pocket and then call on you through the government. how much has the scooter store given in lobbying? they've given $900,000. i wonder why they care so much about mitt romney winning. leaders given romney $300,000 and restore our future pac romney's pac $225,000. by the way, without the medicare wasting money on this, as we have already found out they are scooter store would go out of business. these are these great free market capitalists that actually have terrible companies but they get propped up by the government, and they get people like mitt romney in office saying bad government, what a joke right mark? here is another $500 million from the american people. run your crappy company based on whatever contract you get. let's go to lee fong who wrote the story about it, the community writer, the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)